Landscape Hurricane Preparedness

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Prepare yourself first! Then:

Before a Hurricane

  • Clear grass clippings and other debris from storm drains, ditches, and paved areas.
  • Clear gutters of debris.
  • Remove broken limbs, dead plants, and other plant debris from the yard.
  • Move container plants and hanging baskets to sheltered areas.
  • Turn off irrigation systems.
  • Take photos of your landscape to help with post-storm recovery and claims.
  • Store pesticides and fertilizers out of potential floodwaters.

After a Hurricane

  • Inspect trees and shrubs for damage. Prune out damaged limbs.
  • Trees, especially large trees, that are split or leaning may not recover.
  • Smaller trees can be restaked. Fertilize next spring.
  • Heavily damaged shrubs and perennials can be cut back to encourage recovery.
  • From Florida Extension – Assessing Damage and Restoring Trees After a Hurricane
  • Be cautious of scams related to landscape recovery and tree care.
  • Follow municipality instructions for debris placement.