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Gardening in the Albemarle


Welcome to Gardening In The Albemarle. This page provides free, research-based horticulture information for residents of Northeast North Carolina. For more information contact Katy Shook, Area Horticulture Agent, at (252) 482-6585 or

Advanced Trainings for Home Gardeners

Gardening In The Albemarle (Offered in the Fall of Even Years)

Managing Garden Problems (Week 1)

Watch – Integrated Pest Management, approx. 30 min

Practice – Googling Gardening Information

Explore – Ortho Home Problem Solver (Garden & Landscape, Lawn)

Growing Ornamental Plants at Home (Week 2)

Watch – Herbaceous (Part 1, aprox 30 min)

Watch –  Woody Ornamentals (Part 2, aprox 30 min)

Practice – Propagating Plants At Home

Explore – NC Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox

Caring for Home Lawns (Week 3)

Watch – Carolina Lawns (aprox 45 min)

Practice – Taking A Soil Sample

Explore – NC Lawn Maintenance Calendars

Growing Fruits & Vegetables at Home (Week 4)

Watch – Growing Vegetables At Home (aprox 35 min)

Watch – Growing Fruits at Home (aprox 20 min)

Practice – Planning A Garden

Explore – NC Extension Gardener Handbook (Chapters 14-16)

Horticulture At Home

Extension Master Gardener Program (Offered in the Fall of Odd Years)

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